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Department of Mathematics

Tel: 886-7-7172930-3151
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College of Science
Group: Maths, Physics and Chemistry
International Admission: Bachelor, Master

The Department aims to cultivate professional educators of math and research specialists.
The Department offers bachelor's and master's programs emphasizing both the theoretical and practical aspects of this field. Study areas include the theoretical framework of math, i.e. Theoretical Math, Applied Math, and Math education. The Department’s substantial research serves as a resource database for math education in southern Taiwan.

Research Focus:

the course structure is divided into—the Mathematics, Applied Mathematics and Mathematics Education. Graduates can teacher at school, carry on research, or engage in other trades.


(1) Pure Mathematics and Applied Mathematics.

(2) The theoretical structure of Mathematics Education, including the development of mathematics concept, techniques of solving problems, curriculum, and cultivating teachers.

(3) Applied mathematics, including computational mathematics, probability, statistics, financial mathematics, and biomathematics, etc.

**The professors of this department have been granted by National Science Council over the years. This engaged in the studies of mathematics and mathematics education, and the effects are apparent. This helps to promote academic research abilities. 

Dec 5, 2006