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 The Department of English, which was established in 1967, enrolls two classes of students each year. In 1994, The Institute for Research in English Teaching was merged with The English Department as a single teaching and research institute. Later, Ph.D. program was established and enrolled its first Ph.D. students in 1995. So far, more than 3,000 students have graduated, and about 150 students are currently enrolled annually.

 In 2000, the department established a summer TESOL M.A. program for secondary school teachers, senior high school and vocational high school teachers. The program aims to help in-service teachers further their studies and pursue a master degree. Since 2009, the evening M.A. program enrolls students twice a year because of MOE admission policy.

 In 2004, Department of English established an evening M.A. Applied English program and annually enrolled bachelors who aim to further their English skills for academic or business purposes.